STEEL is an advanced workstation for the designer of Steel Construction, offering a complete and reliable solution in the Analysis and Design of Steel Structures of any type, shape and size. The program that has a history of 25 years, integrates a user friendly CAD Interface, along with a reliable calculation environment, based on the existing regulations and standards.

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The basic core of STEEL consists of four, synergistically cooperating among each other, components, the Space Frame Analysis & Member Design component, the Connections one (for Simple Connections - Truss Connections, Moment Connections – Frame Connections), the Drawing of Frame & Connections module and the Dynamic Spectrum Analysis component. In addition, STEEL is empowered by four sophisticated Add-Ons which provide the program with an unrivaled advantage: a) PreSTEEL, a smart wizard for the quick insertion of the model, based on existing templates of common and typical cases, b) SteelCONNECT, the tool permitting the design of any type of frame connections, c) STEEL Section Editor, enabling the creation of any kind of section, and d) SteelPLOT, for high quality final drawings, full detailed and properly updated according to the calculation results.







2Easy to use
STEEL is based on a high quality interactive graphics visual interface that allows fast data input and structural modeling with capabilities for making modifications easily. Moreover, it has the capability for 3D Frame input in *.dxf format. Models can be generated from existing libraries included in the program.
STEEL can automatically produce any 2D or 3D building views and it offers a special module for rendering. Members can be easily selected using special filters and their properties can be modified through dialogue windows. There is no upper limit at the number of nodes or members.




Reliable Methodology

STEEL performs analysis of 2D and 3D Frames with dynamic response spectrum analysis. It offers up to 12 user defined loading cases including dead load, live load, static, seismic, wind, snow loading and temperature stresses. The process is highly customized to accept parameters according to any seismic code (such as EC3 and EC8).

STEEL is upgraded with modules for designing frame connections, wizard for the automatic design of welded or bolted connections of trusses and wizard for the design of foundations and tie-beams.


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