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Legare Primavera P6 Integration

Legare enables the rapid transfer of clean data from a number of different
sources into P6, guaranteeing data integrity and planning efficiency. Making use of Primavera’s API, Legare delivers further advantages over Primavera’s native import and export tool  by offering data transformation options and automated batch updates.

Legare is used by project planning teams in some of the world's largest companies - increasing the return on their investment in Primavera. It's flexibility, speed, user-friendly interface, and accurate data loading makes Legare an essential element in the effective use of P6.

Legare have 2 use cases.The first use case of Legare will be  2 way integration of Primavera P6 with ERP /CMMS system like SAP,Maximo ,Oracle .The second use case of Legare will data mapping and integration of Primavera P6 schedules with updated P6 file coming from another Primavera P6 database or P6  XER file.


Typical Challenges faced by Project Controls Office handling Shutdown,Turnaround & Outages(STO) projects in refining,utilities and petrochemicals industry (Use case 1 )

  • Most processing plants use ERP systems such as SAP ,Oracle and CMMS system like Maximo to manage complete aspects of the project delivery
  • Many organizations utilize Primavera P6 software for planning & scheduling purposes and ERP/CMMS system for cost management and material management. This creates a significant need to integrate the data between these two systems so the project stays synchronized.
  • The systems need to be integrated so that project-related data can synchronized between the systems and to eliminate the costly and time-consuming data entry required to keep both systems consistent.
  • Scheduling, resources, material management and time information need to flow between the two systems to ensure that the project can be successfully completed.
  • Legare provides 2 way integration between your  ERP/CMMS system and Primavera P6 based on client business process and integration requirement.


Typical Challenges faced by Project Controls Office for Major Capital Projects (Use case 2 )

  • Most big EPC and Infrastructure project requires multiple work package contractors who need to work together to successfully deliver the project.
  • Huge volume of project data coming in multiple file formats from various contractors and project stakeholders.
  • Typical P6 XER file can contain 5 -15 k activities for major project for each work package contractor.
  • Current P6 import feature allows data import P6 XER, P6 XML, Excel XLS and MSP XML & MPX but Primavera P6 does not have in build data validation mechanism where planners can validate & restrict unwanted data before importing into live P6 database.
  • P6 will import everything contractors sent and as always there will be unwanted data imported in live P6 production system. Most of the time data imported from MSP & Excel will not match as per tables in Primavera P6.
  • Legare enables the rapid transfer of clean data from a number of different sources into P6, guaranteeing data integrity and planning efficiency. Making use of Primavera’s API, Legare delivers further advantages over Primavera’s native import and export tool by offering data transformation options and automated batch updates.

IPEC Project Systems Sdn Bhd is authorized partner for Collabro Legare in Malaysia.IPEC are able to provide POC (Proof of Concept) for clients interested and adopting Legare.


Legare Cost Loader is a standalone tool that enables users to efficiently and accurately bucket load costs, such as contractor data, directly into Primavera P6.



XER Connector - get data from XER files into Primavera P6

Legare Demonstration - Concepts and Main Functions


Cost Loader Overview

Integration to Maximo


Microsoft Project to Primavera P6 demo only
The issues faced by P6 planners with getting data into Primavera P6


Mapping and Transformations

Data transformations may be described during the mapping process, allowing simple or complex transformations to take place within Legare. Connectors Extend Legare’s functionality to communicate with multiple data sources, including MS Excel, XER, Oracle, MS SQL Server, MS Access and MS Project. Forecaster Take seed activities from a data source such as Maintenance Routines in an asset management system and create forward projected activities in Primavera.


Example for Excel Connector Functionality




  • Simple and fast link
    Link Oracle Primavera with Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems including Oracle, SAP, Maximo, IFS and Sun Accounts by facilitating data exchange within the finance, maintenance and planning environments.


  • Modular system
    Legare provides a desktop-based productivity tool for Planning Engineers that wish to extract selective planning data from Oracle Primavera integrationin to Microsoft Excel and then export it back to Primavera integration. 


  • Future proof your system
    Legare’s modular approach protects your investment by providing additional features as your requirements mature. Scheduler automates your regular data exchange tasks and additional connectors offer integration with other data sources, resulting in an enterprise-wide Oracle Primavera integration solution and Planning Engineer’s productivity tool.


  • Dictionary
    Maintain the integrity of Primavera’s Resource and Code dictionaries and prevent unwanted Resource and Code values appearing in the Primavera Dictionary. Scheduler Permit previously generated Configuration Templates to be executed in an unmanned environment, using stacking and dependencies.


  • Configuration Database
    The Configuration Database is a repository for storing and controlling access to critical import, export and integration tasks. Security and Integrity Security and Integrity are maintained to a high level throughout Legare with all activity to and from Primavera taking place within the Primavera API.


What Legare Users Say:

  • Data Accuracy - "In addition to the amount of time saved, we are also confident of the integrity of the imported data, eliminating the need to carry out further data checking”
  • Data Mapping - "Legare's mapping tools are  easy to use and understand - with no need for back-end coding”
  • Time Savings - "Legare helped reduce what  was typically a 45 minute process to just 20  seconds"Scheduled to run at specific times"Legare's Scheduler tool has helped our ongoing maintenance schedule run like clockwork"
  • Project Loading - "The Legare Project Loader  has helped almost simultaneous   error-free loading of multiple projects”
  • Cost Loader - "Legare Cost Loader has allowed us to effortlessly bucket load costs into Primavera P6"
  • User Support - “The Legare team provided first-class support and knowledge around our very specific requirements”


Legare System Architecture




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